Ferdinand Delgado

Ferdinand Delgado

Postdoctoral Diversity & Innovation Scholar
Postdoctoral Diversity & Innovation Scholar
Phone: (603) 862-2740
Office: UNH CHHS Kinesiology Department, New Hampshire Hall, Durham, NH 03824

Ferdinand Delgado is a Postdoctoral Diversity & Innovation Scholar in the University of New Hampshire's Department of Kinesiology. He holds a B.S. in Mathematics from SUNY Brockport, an M.S. in Kinesiology (emphasis in Sports Science) from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, and a Ph.D. in Exercise and Nutritional Sciences (emphasis in Biomechanics) from Arizona State University.

His research focuses on reducing the risk of falls in older adults through innovative approaches that encompass both cognitive and physical aspects. Ferdinand aims to leverage extended reality (XR) technology to promote physical activity and cognitive training, striving to integrate cognition and movement for more effective fall prevention strategies. He also applies advanced statistical methods for data analysis to develop novel approaches in the field.

Overall, his contributions to the field seek to deepen our understanding of the complex interplay between cognition and movement, ultimately leading to more effective interventions and an improved quality of life for older adults.

Courses Taught

  • EXSC 722: Applied Biomechanics


  • Ph.D., Exercise and Nutritional Sciences, Arizona State University

Research Interests

  • Falls/Fall Prevention
  • Exercise
  • Virtual Reality
  • Older Adults
  • Aging/Gerontology
  • Statistics
  • Cognition
  • Cognitive Disorders/Impairment

Selected Publications

  • Ofori, E., Delgado, F., James, D. L., Wilken, J., Hancock, L. M., Doniger, G. M., & Gudesblatt, M. (2024). Impact of distinct cognitive domains on gait variability in individuals with mild cognitive impairment and dementia.. Exp Brain Res, 242(7), 1573-1581. doi:10.1007/s00221-024-06832-9

  • Vento, K. A., Delgado, F., Skinner, J., & Wardenaar, F. C. (2023). Funding and college-provided nutritional resources on diet quality among female athletes.. J Am Coll Health, 71(6), 1732-1739. doi:10.1080/07448481.2021.1947301

  • Vento, K. A., Delgado, F., & Lynch, H. (n.d.). Lipid Profiles of College Female Student-Athletes Participating at Different Competition Levels of Organized Sport. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, 4. doi:10.3389/fspor.2022.841096

  • Delgado, F., Kaczmarek, O., Trebing, S., Zarif, M., Gudesblatt, M., & Ofori, E. (2021). Exploratory cross‐sectional mediation analysis of the dual‐task effect of cognition on gait in individuals with memory loss. In Alzheimer's & Dementia Vol. 17. Wiley. doi:10.1002/alz.054495

  • Delgado, F., & Der Ananian, C. (2021). The Use of Virtual Reality Through Head-Mounted Display on Balance and Gait in Older Adults: A Scoping Review. Games for Health Journal, 10(1), 2-12. doi:10.1089/g4h.2019.0159

  • Delgado, F., Ananian, C. D., & Peterson, D. (2020). Balance and Reactive Steps in Older Adults With and Without Self-Reported Musculoskeletal Conditions. In Innovation in Aging Vol. 4 (pp. 521-522). Oxford University Press (OUP). doi:10.1093/geroni/igaa057.1683

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