Jayson Seaman

Phone: (603) 862-1162
Office: Kinesiology, New Hampshire Hall, Durham, NH 03824
Jayson Seaman in Kinesiology Outdoor Education


  • Ph.D., Education, University of New Hampshire
  • M.S., Kinesiology: Outdoor Education, University of New Hampshire
  • B.A., English, Secondary Education, New England College

Courses Taught

  • EDUC 985: Contemp Issues Human Developmt
  • INCO 790: Adv Rsrch Exp/Kinesiology
  • KIN 546: White Water Canoeing
  • KIN 551: Adventr Prog/Backcountry Exper
  • KIN 552: Adventur Prog/Water Based Exp
  • KIN 681: Theory of Adventure Education
  • KIN 693: Teaching Assistantship
  • KIN 787: Theory of Adventure Education
  • KIN 884: History of Outdoor Education
  • KIN 887: Theory of Adventure Education
  • KIN 993: Teaching Practicum

Selected Publications

Seaman, J., Sharp, E. H., Tucker, C. J., Van Gundy, K., & Rebellon, C. (2019). Outdoor activity involvement and postsecondary status among rural adolescents: Results from a longitudinal analysis. Journal of Leisure Research, 50(1), 18-27. doi:10.1080/00222216.2018.1544472

Middleton, M., Rheingold, A., & Seaman, J. O. (2018). Activity settings as contexts for motivation: Reframing classroom motivation as dilemmas within and between activities. In D. Kritt (Ed.), Constructivist Education in an Age of Accountability (pp. 231-266). Palgrave MacMillan.

Seaman, J., Brown, M., & Quay, J. (2017). The Evolution of Experiential Learning Theory: Tracing Lines of Research in the JEE. Journal of Experiential Education, 40(4), NP1-NP21. doi:10.1177/1053825916689268

Grenier, M., Seaman, J. O., & DiFloures, N. (2017). Examining teacher and student disability sporting experiences in physical education. Journal of Physical Education Research, 4(III), 31-47.

Mirkin, B., Strunk, J., & Seaman, J. O. (2017). The Backcountry Play Book. Bethany, OK: Wood-n-Barnes Publishing.

Seaman, J., Bell, B. J., & Trauntvein, N. (2017). Assessing the Value of a College Degree in Outdoor Education or Recreation: Institutional Comparisons Using the College Scorecard and Surveys of Faculty and Employers. Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership, 9(1), 26-41. doi:10.18666/jorel-2017-v9-i1-7474

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Most Cited Publications