Kathy Francoeur, MEd, Project Director Institute on Disability

Kathryn Francoeur

Project Director
Phone: (603) 862-4320
Office: Institute on Disability, 10 West Edge Drive, Durham, NH 03824

Kathy Francoeur provides training, consultation, and technical assistance in the development and expansion of implementation of school-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. Kathy also provides training and technical assistance to schools in the development of RENEW (Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural Supports, Education, and Work), an intensive support intervention to help at risk youth engage in high school completion and post-secondary options. Kathy has collaborated with several NH schools in training faculty to serve as RENEW facilitators for youth, as well as build a sustainable system within the school to support and monitor the RENEW model. Kathy presents nationally, training schools and districts on the RENEW model, and as part of the Who Cares About Kelsey? film project, in which she and filmmaker Dan Habib share the benefits and process of RENEW with audiences.

Kathy was part of the NH Responds initiative as a Research Associate and High School facilitator, assisting schools to develop systemic change and a three-tiered approach to interventions.

Prior to joining the IOD in 2010, she served as Crisis Intervention Coordinator for Somersworth High School and Middle School for over 10 years. Her experience included overseeing RENEW in the high school as a three-tiered intervention to support high school students with social and behavioral issues and served as an internal coach on both the Universal and Targeted Team for the middle school and the coach for the Targeted Team at the high school.


Center on Inclusive Education (CIE)

A Bold Vision When students with disabilities are provided appropriate instruction and supports, they can learn grade-level general education curriculum, communicate in ways that are commensurate with their same-age peers without disabilities, have meaningful social relationships, and graduate from high school—college and career ready.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

"Education Revolution at Somersworth High School" Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a data-driven behavioral support and improvement framework that consists of three levels, each specifically designed to prevent disruption and address the behavioral support needs of students at risk of school failure: 

Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural Supports, Education, and Work (RENEW)

Center for RENEW Implementation

Who Cares About Kelsey?

Kelsey Carroll has one goal--to graduate from high school. But there are plenty of reasons why she shouldn’t. She attends a school with one of the highest dropout rates in New Hampshire and has dealt with homelessness, abuse, self-mutilation, and ADHD. As a freshman, she didn't earn a single academic credit, but she did get suspended for dealing drugs. Who Cares About Kelsey? is the story of Kelsey's transformation from a defiant “problem student” to a motivated, self-confident young woman.

Courses Taught

  • EDUC 956: Positive Behavior Supports


  • B.A., Social Work, University of New Hampshire