Lou Ann Griswold, Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy

Lou Ann Griswold

Department Chair, Occupational Therapy
Associate Professor & Chair of Occupational Therapy
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Office: Hewitt Hall Room 121, Durham, NH 03824

Lou Ann Griswold, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA is an Associate Professor and Department Chair. She earned her BS and MS degrees in Occupational Therapy from Colorado State University and her PhD in Sociology from the University of New Hampshire. She has been teaching at UNH for over 30 years and has enjoyed the dynamic nature of occupational therapy education and the OT Department at UNH. Dr. Griswold's research focuses on evaluation of clients in their natural contexts; promoting client-centered intervention; and evaluating and promoting quality of social interaction that supports daily activities. She has co-authored several assessment tools and enjoys including OT students in the research to support the development of these assessments. In addition, Dr. Griswold teaches training courses, nationally and internationally, on the Assessment of Motor and Process Skill (AMPS), the School AMPS, and the Evaluation of Social Interaction.

Courses Taught

  • OT 501: Developmental Tasks of Adulthd
  • OT 695: Independent Study
  • OT 810: OT Practice Professional Roles
  • OT 865: OT Practice & Profess Reasning
  • OT 886: Engagement in Research
  • OT 893: Special Topics


  • Ph.D., Sociology, University of New Hampshire
  • M.S., Occupational Therapy, Colorado State University
  • B.S., Occupational Therapy, Colorado State University

Selected Publications

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  • Griswold, L. A. (2019). Assessment of Motor and Process Skills. In T. Wolf, G. Giles, & D. Edwards (Eds.), Functional cognition for occupational therapy: A practical approach to treating individuals with cognitive loss. Bethesda, MD: AOTA Press.

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