Megan Henly

Phone: (603) 862-1488
Office: Institute on Disability, 10 West Edge Drive, Durham, NH 03824
Pronouns: She/her/hers

Megan Henly has over 20 years of experience in survey production and statistical analysis in academia, government, and the non-profit sectors. She holds a Ph.D. in sociology and an M.S. in survey methodology. As a researcher at the Institute on Disability, her work is focused on identifying and utilizing secondary data sources that capture a representative picture of how people with disabilities are doing with respect to employment, health, community participation, and overall well-being. Dr. Henly seeks to identify unique methods of measuring these outcomes in a manner that contributes to existing academic research and that is also practical to policymakers. Her current research includes an examination of the role of homeownership in shaping outcomes for SSI recipients, and an analysis of access to workplace accommodations across categories of race and ethnicity. In addition, she currently serves as a mentor to the IOD’s ARRT postdoctoral researchers.

Selected Publications

Henly, M., McDonough, C. M., Porcino, J., Peterik, K., Rasch, E. K., Marfeo, E. E., . . . Brucker, D. L. (2023). Linking job duties, functioning, and employment status using the Work-Disability Functional Assessment Battery (WD-FAB): An expert coding and quantitative analysis.. Work, 74(1), 75-87. doi:10.3233/WOR-211169

Brucker, D. L., Henly, M., & Rafal, M. (2022). The association of disability status with job tenure for US workers. WORK-A JOURNAL OF PREVENTION ASSESSMENT & REHABILITATION, 72(1), 109-117. doi:10.3233/WOR-205004

Turner, H. A., Finkelhor, D., & Henly, M. (2021). Exposure to Family and Friend Homicide in a Nationally Representative Sample of Youth. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 36(7-8), NP4413-NP4442. doi:10.1177/0886260518787200

Turner, H. A., Finkelhor, D., & Henly, M. (2021). Exposure to Family and Friend Homicide in a Nationally Representative Sample of Youth. JOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE, 36(7-8), NP4413-NP4442. doi:10.1177/0886260518787200

Turner, H. A., Finkelhor, D., Mitchell, K. J., Jones, L. M., & Henly, M. (2020). Strengthening the predictive power of screening for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in younger and older children. CHILD ABUSE & NEGLECT, 107. doi:10.1016/j.chiabu.2020.104522

Henly, M., & Brucker, D. L. (2019). Transportation patterns demonstrate inequalities in community participation for working-age Americans with disabilities. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART A-POLICY AND PRACTICE, 130, 93-106. doi:10.1016/j.tra.2019.09.042

Lauer, E. A., Henly, M., & Brucker, D. L. (2019). Prescription opioid behaviors among adults with and without disabilities - United States, 2015-2016. DISABILITY AND HEALTH JOURNAL, 12(3), 519-522. doi:10.1016/j.dhjo.2018.12.001

Simon, T. R., Shattuck, A., Kacha-Ochana, A., David-Ferdon, C. F., Hamby, S., Henly, M., . . . Finkelhor, D. (2018). Injuries From Physical Abuse: National Survey of Children's Exposure to Violence I-Ill. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE, 54(1), 129-132. doi:10.1016/j.amepre.2017.08.031

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Ulrich-Schad, J. D., Henly, M., & Safford, T. G. (2013). The Role of Community Assessments, Place, and the Great Recession in the Migration Intentions of Rural Americans. RURAL SOCIOLOGY, 78(3), 371-398. doi:10.1111/ruso.12016

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