Robert McGrath II

Phone: (603) 862-5047
Office: Health Management & Policy, Hewitt Hall Rm 323, Durham, NH 03824
Robert J. McGrath, Associate Professor, Health Management and Policy


  • Ph.D., Social Sciences, Brandeis University
  • M.A., Social Sciences, Brandeis University
  • M.S., Health&MedicalAdminServices, Harvard University
  • B.S., Health&MedicalAdminServices, University of New Hampshire

Courses Taught

  • DATA 896: Analytics Lab I
  • DATA 897: Self-Designed Analytics Lab II
  • DATA 900: Data Architecture
  • DATA 901: Analytics Applications I
  • DATA 911: Analytics Practicum I
  • DATA 912: Analytics Practicum II
  • HMP 511: Intro to Health Info Systems
  • HMP 711: Health Systems Research I
  • HMP 712: Health Analytics
  • HMP 812: Health Analytics

Selected Publications

Stransky, M. L., McGrath, R., Reichard, A., McClain, M., Phillips, K. G., Houtenville, A., & Drum, C. E. (2016). Asthma and asthma-related health care utilization among people without disabilities and people with physical disabilities. Disability and Health Journal, 9(4), 646-654. doi:10.1016/j.dhjo.2016.05.003

Samuels, J. G., McGrath, R. J., Fetzer, S. J., Mittal, P., & Bourgoine, D. (2015). Using the Electronic Health Record in Nursing Research. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 37(10), 1284-1294. doi:10.1177/0193945915576778

McClain, M. R., McGrath, R. J., Stransky, M. L., & Benkendorf, J. L. (2015). National Survey of Providers Treating Patients With Metabolic Disorders Identified by Newborn Screening Demonstrates Challenges Faced by Clinical Care Systems. Clinical Pediatrics, 54(8), 759-764. doi:10.1177/0009922814561352

Seavey, J. W., McGrath, R. J., & Aytur, S. A. (2014). Health Policy Analysis. Springer Publishing Company.

McGrath, R. J., Stransky, M. L., Cooley, W. C., & Moeschler, J. B. (2011). National Profile of Children with Down Syndrome: Disease Burden, Access to Care, and Family Impact. The Journal of Pediatrics, 159(4), 535-540.e2. doi:10.1016/j.jpeds.2011.04.019

McGrath, R. J., Stransky, M. L., & Seavey, J. W. (2011). The Impact of Socioeconomic Factors on Asthma Hospitalization Rates by Rural Classification. Journal of Community Health, 36(3), 495-503. doi:10.1007/s10900-010-9333-7

McGrath, R. J., Merry, M. D., & Orentlicher, D. (2011). Book Review: Still Broken: Understanding the U.S. Health Care System: On the Mend: Revolutionizing Healthcare to save Lives and Transform the Industry: Health and Social Justice. INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing, 48(2), 169-174. doi:10.5034/inquiryjrnl_48.02.05

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McGrath, R. J., Priestley, J. L., Zhou, Y., & Culligan, P. J. (n.d.). The Validity of Online Patient Ratings of Physicians: Analysis of Physician Peer Reviews and Patient Ratings. Interactive Journal of Medical Research, 7(1), e8. doi:10.2196/ijmr.9350

Most Cited Publications