Therese Willkomm

Phone: (603) 862-1056
Office: Occupational Therapy, Hewitt Hall Rm 308, Durham, NH 03824
Therese Willkomm, Clinical Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy

Dr. Willkomm is currently the Director of the New Hampshire Statewide Assistive Technology Program (ATinNH) with the Institute on Disability and a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy. In addition, Dr. Willkomm is the coordinator of the Graduate Certificate in Assistive Technology Program and the coordinator of the Disability Studies Minor. She has been engaged in providing/managing assistive technology services for over 28 years in the areas of home, school, and worksite modifications for persons with disabilities. She is known nationally and internationally as “The MacGyver of Assistive Technology" and for her work in rural rehabilitation technology. Dr. Willkomm has presented in 38 states, five foreign counties, and three U.S. territories and authored 22 publications including her most recent book titled “Make A Difference Today – Assistive Technology Solutions in Minutes."


Assistive Technology New Hampshire (ATinNH)

The Institute on Disability is the lead agency for New Hampshire’s statewide Assistive Technology Act Program: Assistive Technology in New Hampshire, or ATinNH. The program has two major activity areas: Training, Education and Outreach: AT Trainings, Classes, and Workshops and AT Policy  Assistive Technology Services: Equipment Demonstrations, Loans and Refurbishing/Reuse

iCreATe for Paralysis

The goal of the "I CreATe for Paralysis Project" is to develop a self-sustaining open ended loan program of assistive technology solutions that will be provided to over 140 individuals including service providers, caregivers, family members, and consumers who are affected by paralysis in rural areas. Through the "I CreATe for Paralysis Project" individuals who experience paralysis in rural areas and their families will obtain needed assistive technologies using a self-sustaining empowerment approach that will not only fabricate and rapidly deploy needed solutions but will also equip service providers, family members, and individuals with the know-how, tools and materials to create assistive technology solutions to maximize independence and autonomy at home and in the community. These workshops are brought to you through a grant from the High Impact Innovative Technology Assistance Grant Program through the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.


  • Ph.D., Rehabilitation Science, University of Pittsburgh
  • M.S., Vocational Rehabilitation, Drake University
  • B.S., Vocational Rehabilitation, University of Wisconsin
  • B.S., Vocational Rehabilitation, University of Wisconsin
  • B.S., Special Education, University of Wisconsin
  • Certificate, Rehabilitation Technology, University of Pittsburgh
  • Certificate, Rehabilitation Tech Srvc Deliv, University of Pittsburgh

Courses Taught

  • EDUC 797: Top/Using iPads/Chld Disabil
  • EDUC 797/897: Top/Using iPads/Chld Disabil
  • EDUC 897: Top/Using iPads/Chld Disabil
  • OT 695: Independent Study
  • OT 722/822: Intro to Assistive Technology
  • OT 724/824: Assist Tech & Physical Disabil
  • OT 726/826: Assist Tech & Sensory Comm
  • OT 730/830: Assist Tech for OccPerformance
  • OT 731: AT Principles
  • OT 731/831: AT Principles
  • OT 732: AT Practices
  • OT 732/832: AT Practices
  • OT 733: AT Phys Dis Electronic Devices
  • OT 733/833: AT Phys Dis Electronic Devices
  • OT 734: AT Phys Dis Home, Comm, Employ
  • OT 734/834: AT Phys Dis Home, Comm, Employ
  • OT 735/835: AT for Comm and Cog
  • OT 736: AT and Vision and Hearing
  • OT 736/836: AT and Vision and Hearing
  • OT 789: Using iPads/Child Disabilities
  • OT 822: Intro to Assistive Technology
  • OT 830: Assist Tech for OccPerformance
  • OT 831: AT Principles
  • OT 832: AT Practices
  • OT 833: AT Phys Dis Electronic Devices
  • OT 834: AT Phys Dis Home, Comm, Employ
  • OT 835: AT for Comm and Cog
  • OT 836: AT and Visual and Hearing
  • OT 889: Using iPads/Child Disabilities

Selected Artistic Activities & Publications

creating assistive technology solutions in minutes (2013).

My Eileen Series (2012).

Exhibit on Assistive Technology Supporting Students with Neurobehaviors Disabilities (2011).

Exhibit - Assistive Technology Supporting Students with Disabilities (2011).

Assistive Technology and Higher Education (2011).

Technology exhibit at the Summer autism Institute August 2011 (2011).

Assistive Technology Exhibit and Early Intervention (2011).

Simmons, C. D., Willkomm, T., & Behling, K. T. (2010). Professional Power Through Education: Universal Course Design Initiatives in Occupational Therapy Curriculum. Occupational Therapy In Health Care, 24(1), 86-96. doi:10.3109/07380570903428664

Willkomm, T. (1992). Farming with a Disability. Technology and Disability, 1(4), 54-62. doi:10.3233/tad-1992-1409

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