Avery Berry '21

Giving Back to the UNH Community
Nursing major Avery Berry

Avery Berry is a nursing major from Haskell, New Jersey

Please describe your job with ConveinentMD.
I have been working for convenientMD since the end of August. I was first involved with the COVID testing of students and now am part of the testing for faculty and staff.

Why did you apply for the job?
As a nursing student, I felt I had a responsibility to do what I could to help at UNH during this pandemic.

What is the most important or interesting thing you've learned so far?
I've learned the importance of community health and appreciate that UNH holds our safety and health as the priority.

What does it mean to you to be on the front lines doing essential work to help manage the spread of COVID-19?
The essential work has made me feel grateful to be a part of a caring community here at UNH. It feels nice to give back.

How has this experience been valuable for you?
This job has provided me with once-in-a-lifetime, hands-on experience to make a difference during this challenging time.

Is there anything about being tested and/or UNH's testing program that you'd like the UNH community or others to know?
We are all doing everything we can to safely and efficiently administer these tests so that we can continue to be at UNH!