Brittany Morin

Brittany Morin

How would you explain your discipline and/or research to those unfamiliar with the subject?

Data science applies statistical models to large quantities of charted information to find meaningful patterns and trends. This helps to project future events or explain phenomena. Doing this with health data can dramatically help the medical field and society make better decisions for patients.

What do you wish your colleagues/friends/family knew about your work?

That it is a lot of fun to learn and can help you learn to question your assumptions.

Have you learned/discovered anything during your experience at UNH that’s surprised you? If so, what?

I did not know that I could enjoy statistics and math so much. I actually like learning the aspects of what makes a model work.

What do you consider your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is recognizing that I can take my time to work through a problem and that iteration is a part of the process.

What motivates you?

Getting my code to work and watching a result print out is a huge motivator. Even after hours of trying and failing, I will keep coming back until I get it right and then work to perfect it.

What are you most proud of?

I am proud of the fact that I was able to just 'get it' sometimes. I have almost no experience, but I wanted to understand the subject so badly. And I found the material so interesting.

Why did you choose UNH?

Several people recommended the school at large to me and a few pointed me to this program specifically.

What do you plan to do with your degree?

I plan to use the degree in such a way that it does the most good for people. Whether that is research for public policy or developing a new product that helps people monitor their health, it will be rewarding to be at the fore of progress.