Daniel Gebel '23

Helping to keep the UNH community safe
nursing major Daniel Gebel

Daniel Gebel is a nursing major from Boxford, Massachusetts.

Please describe your job with ConveinentMD.
I do COVID-19 testing and distribute take home (self-swabbing) tests.

Why did you apply for the job?
I wanted hands-on experience for nursing and wanted to help out during a once-in-a-century pandemic.

What is the most important or interesting thing you've learned so far?
How much work goes into getting the test completed, sent out and tested in order for us to be able to go to class.

What does it mean to you to be on the front lines doing essential work to help manage the spread of COVID-19?
It means a lot to me that I’m helping to keep my community safe.

How has this experience been valuable for you?
It's been very valuable as it coincides with my major and working with people in a health care setting.

Is there anything about being tested and/or UNH's testing program that you'd like the UNH community or others to know?
UNH has the best testing model of any campus in the U.S., and it should be the model more universities use as we try to make the best of this situation.