Erin Linhares

Communication sciences and disorders undergraduate student Erin Linhares

Hometown: Bridgewater, MA

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Graduation Year: 2020

Looking back on your time at UNH so far, what are you most proud of and why?
I am most proud of the fact that I am still graduating on time while taking two semesters off during my sophomore year of college to become an Aerospace Medic in the Air National Guard.

What motivates you?
Two things that motivate me are helping others the best that I can through my passion for becoming a speech-language pathologist, and being an honorable Aerospace Medic.

Why did you choose your major?
I chose this major because I enjoy helping people and seeing the smile on their face when they pronounce the correct phoneme or the correct word. Also, there are so many different paths you can take in the field of speech-language pathology. For me, it is my interest in voice disorders as well as neurogenic disorders.

What are you planning to do after graduation?
After graduation, I plan to get my Masters in Speech-Language Pathology and specialize in voice and neurogenic disorders. From there, I hope to be working in a hospital or rehabilitation center.

How is your experience at UNH preparing you to achieve your goals?
At UNH, I am driven to reach my goal of graduating and getting into graduate school, but I could have not done it without my professors, advisors and the multiple organizations I have joined.

Any advice for students interested in your major?
This major covers several different aspects of speech-language pathology. Keep an open mind, you never know what you might like. This major has a rewarding outcome but graduate school is challenging to get into therefore, I advise students to try their best to keep their GPA up. Finally, talk to the professors in the major, they are all kind, helpful and willing to work around your schedule too. 

Finally, tell us one reason you love UNH.
I have most enjoyed UNH because of the friends I have made and the number of organizations UNH offers including for those in the military services. I am a member of Chi Omega Sorority, secretary of an Autism Speaks Club and a member of the National Student Speech Hearing Language Association Club.