Grace Roy

2022 Grimes Research Competition
Grace Roy

Grace Roy '22, a Health Management and Policy major, will present her research at the 2022 Grimes Research Competition. 
Her research title is: Tele-ACT and Recreational Therapy: Adapting ACT for Telehealth Delivery to Support People with Chronic Pain

Please describe your research in non-technical language. How did you become interested in your research subject?

The purpose of my research is to investigate the efficacy and feasibility of delivering acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) via telehealth for people with chronic pain. ACT is a type of mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy that has been shown to be beneficial for a variety of conditions including chronic pain. This project combines my interests in public health, psychology, and health equity and access.

What are the most interesting findings from your research?

Our preliminary findings show that, after participating in an 8-week tele-ACT intervention with the addition of two recreational therapy sessions, participants showed higher psychological flexibility and acceptance of pain.