Jackie Maietta - Class of 2011

Jackie Maietta giving a speech

I am an alum of the 2011 Family Studies Class.  After graduation, I moved back to CT where I worked for Bright Horizons as an infant teacher. I was fortunate enough to be hired as the core group of teachers to open Bright Horizon's ESPN KidsCenter in Bristol, CT which is a school for faculty and staff of ESPN to send their children to (kind of like our CSDC). After only 6 months as an infant teacher, I was appointed to the Lead Infant teacher which was an honor and I think spoke to my knowledge and understanding of child development that was honed during my time in the FS department at UNH.

The following year (2012), there was a job opening at the CSDC. I did my work-study at the CSDC during my time at UNH in addition to my teaching internships for 635, 709 and my p-3 student teaching. I was ecstatic when I was informed that I got an interview and head-over-heels when I was offered a job in the Preschool 1 classroom. I am so excited to be "home" at UNH since it is where I found my passion for teaching, was introduced to the approach practiced in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and where I learned about freedom of movement, Magda Gerber and her work with infants.