Molly Britton

Molly Britton

Hometown? Hampton NH

Extracurricular activities? Basketball and Friends in Action

What do you love most about HPE? I love that we are able to allow our

students to be active in fun, exciting and engaging ways. I also love

that I am able to stay active all day.

Why did you choose HPE? I chose PE because I couldn¹t see myself anywhere

other than with children being active, being healthy and playing sports.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I can see myself as a PE teacher as

well as a coaching basketball.

Do you see yourself teaching health? I could, most schools hire the

position of the PE/health teacher and I wouldn¹t mind that

Favorite food? Calzones

Favorite Movie/TV show? Captain Phillips

Favorite sport to watch/play? Basketball and Football

Favorite class at UNH? Lifetime sports