Rebecca Daniels

Rebecca Daniels, Kinesiology: Exercise Science Alum

Name: Rebecca Daniels 
Hometown: Andover, MA 
UNH Major: Kinesiology: Exercise Science 
Graduation Year: 2016 

What are you currently doing?
I am a research coordinator at Boston Children’s Hospital, working on exercise intervention studies to improve recovery following concussion. 

How did your time at UNH prepare you for life after college? 
I learned how to apply consistent effort and work towards my goals, how to use critical thinking skills, and build a support network around me wherever I go. I found in my internship, graduate school, and current job that I developed an above average work ethic, clinical skills and desire to learn new things compared to graduates from other exercise science programs. 

What do you know now that you wish you'd known while an undergrad? 
I wish I had known that I know a lot less than I think I do and to not take everything so seriously. 

What person or course most influenced you while at UNH? 
Dr. Summer Cook was a mentor to me in so many ways. She taught me so much about the research process and allowed me to work on several of her studies where I first developed my passion for exercise intervention research to help adults age more successfully. She supported and encouraged my interests and also knew when to give me a necessary kick in the butt to be a better student. Due to her influence and support, I decided to pursue my master’s degree in exercise science and continue on a research career path. A lot of the success I have had since leaving UNH can be attributed to her teaching, and I am forever grateful! 

What course was the most difficult for you and why? 
KIN621-Exercise Laboratory Techniques. This course was my first introduction into scientific writing and naturally, I was terrible at it, so it was a slow and painful process towards improvement. However, it was also one of my favorite courses, as we got to learn hands-on methods in exercise science. 

What advice do you have for students interested in your field? 
Pursue as many different experiences as possible that challenge you both within and outside of your major. At best, you will become more well-rounded and may discover an area you are passionate about to continue after graduation. At worst, you will find out what you don’t like to do and better able to find a direction that is better for you. A lot of students going into exercise science decide on the major as a stepping stone to a career path they decided on before they get there, but exercise science is a really wide discipline and it’s worth learning about the options. 

What do you miss most about UNH? 
So hard to choose just one thing! But most of all I miss all of the great friends I had there all living in the same place for four years.