Sean McGrimley

Health and physical education alum Sean McGrimley

Name:  Sean McGrimley
Hometown:  Seneca Falls, NY
Major:  Physical Education & Health Pedagogy
Graduation Year:  Undergraduate 2010, Graduate 2011

What are you currently doing?
I am currently teaching elementary physical education at Little Harbour School in Portsmouth, NH.  Along with teaching elementary Physical Educaiton, I am also involved in a variety of after school activities such as the PHS Cycling team, LHS dodgeball club, chess club and Seacoast VeloKids.

How did your time at UNH prepare you for life after college?
I would say the connections I was able to make at UNH helped prepare me for life after college.  I was able to make connections with fellow classmates, professors and other professionals in the area.  These connections have opened up a variety of doors as I continue to make the seacoast my home.  The conversations and learning opportunities I gained from these connections gave me the ability to interact and carry myself as a professional. 

What do you know now that you wish you'd known while an undergrad?
I wish I knew that “failing forward” could be considered a positive rather than a negative.  Making mistakes and figuring out how to fix them or become better at something is vitally important to success, and at times students need to be reminded that it is all part of the learning process.

What person or course most influenced you while at UNH? How?
Steve Wright and Michelle Grenier both had a tremendous impact on my life as a professional today and continue to do so.  I cannot thank them enough for their countless hours of advising, teaching and everyday conversations.

My intro to psychology teacher, Richard Kushner left me with a quote I still think about today, “teach curiosity and you will teach for a lifetime.”

What course was the most difficult for you and why?
My most difficult course was biomechanics.  There was a lot of material to know and I believe I took it before a prerequisite class.  However, this was due to changing around my schedule to fit everything in so I could study abroad.  It was worth it!

What advice do you have for students interested in your field?
Anyone interested in teaching health and/or PE should take advantage of every program, activity or volunteer opportunity the program has to offer.  This not only helps better you as a teacher and your resume, but also gives you the chance to make connections and find what interests or doesn’t interest you.

What do you miss most about UNH?
I miss the ability to observe teachers from all over the seacoast region.  Now that I am teaching in a school, it is hard to get out and observe fellow colleagues in the area.