Sumire Gysin - Class of 2016

Sumire Gysin shaking hands

Sumire Gysin was born in Sherburne, NY.  She came to UNH wanting to be a Marriage and Family Therapist, so she enrolled in  Human Development and Familly Studies courses to pursue the undergraduate requirements needed for graduate school, where her concentration was Family Support/CFLE.

Sumi enjoyed all the different classes she was exposed to and learned so much, not only about families, but about our society and the positive and negative implications it can have on families today.  Family programs and policies and human sexuality were classes she really enjoyed because they opened her eyes to issues that she could face as a professional in human resources.  Her most memorable experience was her internship through the HDFS department.   This opportunity played a critical role in her post graduate decisions. 

Sumi will be moving to Tempe, Arizona to work with families that have a child in foster care. her position involves facilitating supervised visits between the child and their biological parent, while also working one-on-one with the parent to strengthen their parenting skills and educate them about the community resources that may benefit them. Part of her job is to also to help the family work together to move on to reunification counseling.  

Sumi writes: 

I would recommend this program to future students because there are so many opportunities to engage inside and outside of the classroom. The students, staff, and faculty in the HDFS program are the kindest most caring individuals. When you think about it, everyone involved in this program is working to better the lives of other people. Our educators want us to succeed so we can then go forth and help others. Therefore, it's only natural to be surrounded by amazing individuals in this program! The advisors are also very useful and encouraging. All the opportunities I was presented while a part of the HDFS program has shaped me and guided me, and I truly believe every student can find their own unique needs met.

If you are unsure about something, just ask! Asking questions and taking the time to make sure you really understand something, whether it is class material or what internship you should take, can go a long way. People are there to help you make the most of your experience!