Sahitya Maiya

Assistant Professor
Phone: (603) 862-2153
Office: UNH CHHS Human Development and Family Studies, Pettee Hall, Durham, NH 03824
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Courses Taught

  • HDFS 624: Dev Persp Adolsc&Early Adulthd
  • HDFS 993: Theoretical Approaches to HDFS

Selected Publications

Maiya, S., Whiteman, S. D., Serang, S., Dayley, J. C., Maggs, J. L., Mustillo, S. A., & Kelly, B. C. (2023). Associations between older siblings? substance use and younger siblings? substance use intentions: Indirect effects via substance use expectations. ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS, 136. doi:10.1016/j.addbeh.2022.107493

Maiya, S., Whiteman, S. D., Dayley, J. C., Serang, S., Wray-Lake, L., Kelly, B. C., . . . Mustillo, S. A. (2022). Direct and indirect effects of maternal and sibling intimacy on adolescents' volunteering via social responsibility values: A longitudinal study. JOURNAL OF SOCIAL AND PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS. doi:10.1177/02654075221083301

Maiya, S., Killoren, S. E., & Carlo, G. (2022). Parenting and person correlates of prosocial behaviors in Asian Indian young adults. PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS, 29(1), 100-119. doi:10.1111/pere.12404

Maiya, S., Dotterer, A. M., & Whiteman, S. D. (2021). Longitudinal Changes in Adolescents' School Bonding During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Individual, Parenting, and Family Correlates. JOURNAL OF RESEARCH ON ADOLESCENCE, 31(3), 808-819. doi:10.1111/jora.12653

Maiya, S., Killoren, S. E., Monk, J. K., Kline, G. C., & Chavez, F. L. C. (2021). Latino/a young adults' experiences of acculturative stress, depressive symptoms, and romantic relationship commitment: Ethnic identity as protective. JOURNAL OF SOCIAL AND PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS, 38(5), 1738-1749. doi:10.1177/0265407521996472

Maiya, S., Carlo, G., Davis, A. N., & Streit, C. (2021). Relations Among Acculturative Stress, Internalizing Symptoms, and Prosocial Behaviors in Latinx College Students. JOURNAL OF LATINX PSYCHOLOGY, 9(2), 77-91. doi:10.1037/lat0000177

Maiya, S., Gulseven, Z., Killoren, S. E., Carlo, G., & Streit, C. (2021). The intervening role of anxiety symptoms in associations between Self-Regulation and prosocial behaviors in US Latino/a college students. JOURNAL OF AMERICAN COLLEGE HEALTH. doi:10.1080/07448481.2021.1899187

Maiya, S., Carlo, G., Landor, A. M., & Memmott-Elison, M. K. (2021). Ethnic-Racial and Religious Identity as Mediators of Relations Between Ethnic-Racial Socialization and Prosocial Behaviors Among Black Young Adults. JOURNAL OF BLACK PSYCHOLOGY, 47(1), 31-50. doi:10.1177/0095798420971388

Maiya, S., Carlo, G., Gulseven, Z., & Crockett, L. (2020). Direct and indirect effects of parental involvement, deviant peer affiliation, and school connectedness on prosocial behaviors in US Latino/a youth. JOURNAL OF SOCIAL AND PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS, 37(10-11), 2898-2917. doi:10.1177/0265407520941611